Due to recent events, certain Patreon subscribers have expressed dissatisfaction with the platform and have asked for other options if they choose to support Molly Beans. To that end, here are some alternatives.

Note:  If you were a former Patreon subscriber and elect to re-up on one of these alternatives, I will arrange another similar kind of perk that was available on Patreon, as well as a signed sketch.


A startup free speech Patreon alternative; I’ve decided to have a look at it.



A site in which you can offer to buy creators a “coffee”.

Buy Me a Coffee at

And then there’s of course:



Why have I done this? Well, In short, I will never place ads on my site, and I will not monetize my video content. Ads are intrusive and slow down the experience, and monetization can create the wrong incentives for a creator. If I don’t monetize, I’m not beholden to the platform for my livelihood. If I don’t run ads, I’m not beholden to the advertisers.

The only people I wish to be beholden to are those who enjoy my content, directly through voluntary association. I’m not interested in dealing with the whims of third party social media platforms, which can change the moment a day that ends in “Y” begins. I’m an old school content creator, and I’ve produced content years before most of these platforms were even thought of or were technologically feasible.  I’m perfectly comfortable going my own way.

For the foreseeable future, I will continue producing the Molly Beans comic strip and her video content as I presently do, and both will always be freely available.  I don’t ask anything of my readers or viewers beyond sharing the content if they enjoy it; that’s enough on its own.

With all of that said, I know I can continue to expand the offerings I can produce through this property and offer more value for those who enjoy Molly’s world. Any small amount the brand can produce on its own reduces the amount I will need to personally subsidize and will justify a greater amount of time spent developing the brand. This not only includes additional content creation, but also outreach, site enhancements, marketing, merchandising, expansion into other forms of media, et al. I have the tools and I have the talent (thanks Winston), but I’m short on time and resources.

Now I’ve kept the donation tiers small, since there are other things you need to be spending money on. As I said, anything I receive makes it easier to justify spending additional time on this project.  But I’ve also created three premium tiers with what I hope will be some nice incentives for those who really want to give Molly a boost.  Please note that those tiers are limited for now, but depending on how things go I may modify the rewards and tiers as time goes on.  Regardless, every donation tier will receive access to the Patron only feed.