Amy Character Sheet

Hey folks –

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I’ve concluded that I will need to end updates on the Molly Beans webcomic from here on. Changing circumstances have obviated any possibility that I could do her story justice in a direct to web serialized format.

She will, however, be returning in a format similar to what I began with Call Me Chuck, retelling and retooling the ideas and situations I laid out over the course of over 300 comics, as a graphic novel or series of graphic novels. I am moving in the direction of published work in general, both in comics and novels, so I think this approach will be more in line with my creative mindset.

Here’s a character sheet for Call Me Chuck, the Molly Beans spin off I began last year, which will be appearing as a serial feature in Wikid publishing‘s new quarterly magazine. Wikid Publishing is also publishing Adobe Kroger – Dame Commander, my upcoming comic book which, thanks to the backers of the Mythoverse campaign, will be available for purchase this September.

I want to thank each and every one of you for following, reading, and supporting over these past few years. It’s been endlessly gratifying to know that Molly Beans has touched so many lives. She will be back, better than before, but for now, I’m leaving her to (at least try) to make lots and lots of Chuck Babies.

I’m also going to take down the Molly Beans Patreon page; I can’t continue receiving support for a project I’m closing down, but be it known that I am humbled and appreciative for all of you who saw fit to back this project.

If any of you wish to follow me into my next project, I’m on twitter. Also, if you wish to receive an invite into the Mythoverse Discord, send me a message.

Stay safe and stay sane.


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