Auto Obsolescence

Molly is back at work, and receives a warm welcome in the elevator from her thoughtful coworker.  I’m happy to announce also that I will be comfortably two weeks ahead of my publish schedule as of the end of this week, which means I’m going to sleep for two weeks and have to do it all over again.

Molly herself  is slowly taking over twitter duties.  For comic related stuff I’ll be trying to shunt it over to that account, so follow it up if you are so inclined.

I’m now going to waste my completed comic lead on a very long nap.  Be back Friday.


Keep It Private

I’m really not sure why she ended up putting the video online.  Must be a reflex.

What should be a reflex by now is to stop by Don’t Hit Save each Tuesday and Friday for fresh insightful yuks concerning technology, popular culture, development, and procrastination.  You should be at the point now where you ask your coworker if they caught the latest Don’t Hit  Save, as though it were part of the bi-weekly routine.  If not, start the trend.

Molly is back on Twitter and will be slightly more active for the time being;  I’m going to try to slowly transition off of my personal account for Beans related things if I can manage it.  It’s easier and I’d honestly rather she start pulling her weight around here.

I’ll be back next Wednesday, and Molly will be back at work!



Well Timed

Molly has been spent a lot of time with Chuck and Dr. Elsker over the last year, so she’s gradually becoming slightly more resilient when it comes to failures, however minor or catastrophic.  Something tells me that may be important later, but what do I know about it.

All I do know is I’m finally getting ahead of my publishing schedule again, and by next week I may be comfortably in the lead.  What does this mean?  Well, more time for other things I’ve begun but haven’t had a chance to complete, of course!

Molly is coming back on twitter again, after a little time off; she’ll be slowly taking over anything related to this project, or that’s what I’m trying to convince her to do.  She can explain things better anyway.

Be back Friday.


Oh All Right

Molly is nothing if not a great friend, or at the very least she’s conscious of repaying her debts.   In any event, thus endeth another three comic week, which means I get to take a momentary opportunity to once again build up a sizable lead on my update schedule.  The more I do that, the more time I have to wrap up other things; I’m currently on the home stretch on a really cool thing I’ve been wanting to share for a while.

See you next week.




You Also Need To

Here’s comic two of the once monthly three comic week.  In it, we see that Grandpa Gus has a scheme in mind, in a case of a reader figuring out what I planned to do as I was doing it.  Seriously, go back to the previous comic and read the second comment.  I tell you, it’s damn near impossible to guess what I plan to do next around here.

Well, one thing I plan to do next is complete the proof of concept on this new widget I’m going to be offering as a Patreon reward.  I’m really excited to see it finished, and I hope to need to build a pile of them soon.   It’s in the spirit of the already existing LED widgets available as a Patron perk, in that it’s made from cheap recycled junk but serves a useful purpose (hopefully). I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s good to go.

One more comic this week, then it’s back to two comics a week until next month at this time, like clockwork.



So Molly’s going on a trip soon; sounds like fun, although I think she may prefer a more hospitable destination, like downtown Detroit.  I don’t envy her position as an agent of change in a heavily entrenched shop; regardless of who you are or what you’re trying to transition to, that can be an uphill battle.  Let’s see where this goes.  Chuck will also be gone for a time when she returns to work, so let’s see where that goes.

For now, her software project is in a rough place, perhaps due to a certain interruption among other reasons.  She still has just under a week before she needs to return to work, so let’s see where that goes.  Maybe a day or two away from it will serve some good.

Next week is a three comic week, thanks to my Patrons.   We’re getting ever closer to having a second three comic week each month, if you care to help!  Just saying.

Be back Monday.





Least I Can Do

Molly’s solar charge controller (separate of course from the wind charge controller) is based on the (now) open source design of the PWM5, designed by Julian IIlet.  It’s a remarkable little device which he manufactured and sold all on his own for several years, and since opening up the design he has reworked it for the Arduino.  This has led enterprising folks to design shields which allow an Arduino Uno/Uno clone to easily become one of these controllers.

I imagine Molly utilized of some variation of the above designs.  She would prefer to make use of a design an individual pioneered rather than purchasing a prebuilt assembly line product, if only for the fun of putting it together and learning thereby.

With the completion of the solar panel array, her hardware vacation goals are nearly complete.  Let’s see how she manages to finish her software goals, if at all.

See you Friday.



Well, at least she went for what she wanted.  It’s only a nose;  it helps to have Dad put it in perspective that way.  Even in her imagination Dad makes terrible, cringe worthy Dad jokes and/or puns, and if it drags a smile out of her, then the ends justify the means.

That’s what we dads keeps telling ourselves, anyway.


Molly has one more “in comic” week off before she goes back to work.  Let’s see what else she can get done, and if the project Chuck interrupted can be recovered and completed.

Unlike her, I have to get back to work right now.  So I’ll be back next update.



Better out than in I guess.

I think I’ve actually gotten sick from an excessive amount of firewater one total time;  I get the impression Molly will be able to say the same when she’s my age.  It’s not fun or funny, and it’s really something you don’t want to do often.  It can clearly lead to broken noses when you try to kiss someone you like, and then later a stylish interior redecoration of your friend’s vehicle.  I know neither of these things from first hand experience or observation.

What I do know from first hand experience and observation, is that I’ll be back this Friday with the next comic.  See you all then.