Molly’s Second

Hello folks –

Things have been a trifle on the hectic side since Irma stopped by, but normalcy has returned overall; or as much as can be expected. All I can say is, content scheduling made things far simpler.

Speaking of content scheduling, I’ve been having difficulty maintaining a regular release schedule for my video content lately, as anyone who is subscribed to the youtube channel can readily attest. Mostly this is due to the fact that until now the content has required scripting, coordination of voice actors, editing, rendering, and so on; so I’ve decided to try out something different. This is the result:

Let me know what you think of a format like this. It’s much easier and quicker to make obviously, so I might be able to put out new content more frequently.

In the meantime, Molly meets up with Jone, a character old readers of things I’ve done may recognize. Currently she skulks around Alexandria Archives,  a fun eldritch horror themed audio drama podcast.  Maybe she’ll appear more often here too, if the comparative empirical rationality of our main character doesn’t banish her into a puff of logic.

In other news, Jeff from Don’t Hit Save has launched a Patreon campaign.  Go have a look and encourage him to do that voodoo that he do more often.

I’ll be back Friday.



Today’s comic features a cameo/crossover appearance from Kilt of Alexandria Archives, a highly entertaining drama/college radio/horror anthology podcast that is well worth a listen and subscription. Check them out, rate and review on iTunes, and get sucked in to the world of Miskatonic University’s younger southern cousin.  They also accept submissions for short stories that will be read and played on the show, which I have to admit has started to build a solid community of friendly creative people.  Just go listen.  It’s quality.

In the meantime, Let’s see how Molly’s training with her Machine Learning friend has or has not prepared her for combat with Kilt and friends.

Be back Monday.


Who Cares

Molly knows what’s important.

As do I.  I need to get the comic for this Friday finished before Friday.  I need to get started.

Also I need to get back to work on some other Molly and Molly adjacent things that I think will be kinda cool.

I’ll be back at the latest Friday.