Earn It

In today’s comic, Molly’s flashback continues, and she gets ever closer to putting her finger on what she meant by “The Kims“.

As for me, I’m wrapping up what’s left of my work at my current job, and will be moving on to new one first thing Monday morning.  I don’t anticipate any break in Molly’s schedule as I settle in, but if anything happens, I have a pin up or two I can put up in place of a comic.

I’ll be working on the next Call Me Chuck update over the weekend as well, and will post a few more pages as soon as it’s ready!

Thanks for stopping by as always.  And thanks again to all of my Patrons who make this content possible.

Speaking of content, here’s a review of Alterna Comics‘ The Fear Diaries, an entertaining all ages fantasy adventure about magically animated stuffed animals. I’ll have another review at least once a week, or that’s my goal at present.



Jack Irons Cosplay

Molly cosplays again, this time as the titular lead of  Jack Irons, Steel Cowboy, a fun independent comic set in a post apocalyptic world.  Have a look at it and consider supporting!

I’ll be back next Wednesday with more regular Molly Beans comics.  Thanks for stopping by!





RAGS Cosplay

Happy 4th everyone.

Today, Molly tries out some RAGS cosplay, which ought to heat up the inter office Nerf war a bit.

You all should all try out that book.  It’s one of the strongest indie offerings I’ve seen all year in terms of art, storytelling and characterization.  On top of that, the creative team is very good with customers on social media.

I’ve reviewed the first two issues if you’d like an overview!