Pardon Me

In today’s comic Molly meets someone new, but maybe not entirely new.

I’ll be back next week. Lots of stuff going on!



In today’s comic, Molly receives a fateful message.

This weekend is going to be a busy one, because I’m gearing up to try to produce a lot more video content of various kinds in the coming weeks. Molly won’t be disrupted, but I haven’t been able to allocate time to Call Me Chuck in a good while. I do intend to continue the Chuck comic, it’s just that drawing it takes time I currently don’t have.

Rest assured I don’t have the time for a good reason, though. I promise.

I gotta go for now, be back next week.


The System Is Down

 Time for a light switch rave! I make the best of a bad situation in today’s comic; hope to get the tools working for next week.
I’m taking the tablet in to activate its warranty today, let’s see if it goes as smoothly as they assured me it would when I picked it up.  If so, I’ll be back at the comic like nothing happened!
See you then.


In today’s comic, Molly reveals another way in which Chuck enriched her life.

And Heather still has no idea where he is.



In today’s comic, Molly resolves the issue that got her thinking all this time, and we learn that she was, well, I suppose you could say that she was intentionally pulling her punches to give Kim a chance to…shine?

Something tells me that’s not it.

Anyway, I have a lot going on and I’m very close to getting something out the door that’s been cooking for a very long time.  Molly continues next week on Wednesday as usual.


There We Have It

In today’s comic, Molly suffers the consequences of taking a few hours off.

I’ve got a lot going on all at once here, so I have to split for now, until this Friday. Thanks for reading!


The Phone

In today’s comic I wonder the same thing Heather is.