Molly gets in another one.  I assume this is a recurring facetious conversation.

I’ll be back Friday.



Probably as much as you could expect from Chuck.  Oh, and enjoy more actual Heather art from The Real Heather.

Back Friday.



Et Tu

Heather seeks help in dealing with her new situation, with questionable results.

Oh, yeah, this comic DID post on Monday, didn’t it?  Thank my inimitable Patrons for that.

Thank them also for this video content.  Their endless support and encouragement makes it far easier to justify spending the time needed to bring it to you.


More of both comic and video content to come!


So It Begins

Heather begins to understand why so many folks who win the Lottery end up worse off. It’s like Gary Larson’s clown;  you never can tell what your friends really think of you.

Next week is a three comic week starting Monday.  I better get started.  In the meantime here’s the new voicemail video.




Heather’s life changing moment is confirmed.

You know what else is confirmed? Another delve into Molly’s Voicemail box. See Episode 3 below!

What’s more, it’s confirmed that I’ll be back Friday with another comic.



Heather’s got a lot of new problems, and Chuck may have some explaining to do.  Maybe, just maybe, he’ll do just that little thing.

You may have some problems if you don’t check out Molly’s voicemail.  I can’t back that assertion up with any hard data, but when has that ever stopped anyone far smarter than I am from running their mouth off?  Exactly.


I have a long weekend off from work, so I’m going to sign off with a genuine wish that all of my stateside readers enjoy themselves to the extent I plan to.  Maybe I’ll take advantage of a Steam Sale, or, maybe I’ll just settle for getting more than 3 hours of quasi-sleep a night.

Back Wednesday.


What Gave It Away

This whole “Molly gets into a wargame” thing exists to set up something I think will be really fun in upcoming strips. Time will tell if I know what I’m talking about.

In the meantime…

Go check out Molly’s Voicemail, Episode 2, before Episode 3 drops!

In case you missed the first one, it’s here:

Back next Wednesday.



Don’t have a lot of time today, so…

Go check out Molly’s Voicemail, Episode 2!

In case you missed the first one, it’s here:

Back next Wednesday.


Making It Worse

Happy middle of the week, folks. I’m going to have an unusually busy couple of days for the other half of the week, so I can’t say much beyond the fact that today’s comic features a Patreon Cameo, as well as a new setting, the Game Store.  The counter girl, Janet, may be making more appearances in future, both in and out of the store.

Speaking of more appearances, it’s time for another appearance from Molly’s Voicemail, this time with new characters!

In case you missed the first one, it’s here:

Maybe one day she’ll check it.  Doubt it though.

See you all Friday.