In today’s comic Heather offers some amateur psychological observations. Perhaps she learned a bit from her time with the good doctor.  Or perhaps it’s common sense.

I’m going to spend the weekend attempting once again to get a few things finished that I hope will take this project to the next phase.  If I do, you all will be the first to know about it.

Speaking of the next phase, today’s comic was the 190th installment of Molly Beans – A life in development.  Seriously.  I am within spitting distance of comic #200, already.  It is a commonly employed cliche, but I honestly feel like I just started this project last week.  Maybe I did, and I’m just a deranged, workaholic overachiever who never leaves his room.

You decide.

While you ruminate on that, I have a lot of stuff to get back to.  See you all next week.





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