I Need A Ride

Hello folks, thanks for stopping by to have a look at today’s comic.  In it, we revisit Heather’s situation, and find that she’s in the process of setting up a shiny new studio.  Meanwhile, Molly appears to be slowly and increasingly weighed down;  maybe a little busywork will be just the thing to get her mind off the stressors.

If you may recall, Molly built a Wind and Solar power bank for her grandparents a while back, during a well deserved two week vacation from the daily grind.   She needed a little help to get the design perfect, since she was largely learning as she went, but in the end, she did all the legwork.  Now it seems she needs to deal with the fact that everything may not have been as durable as she would have liked;  Ill timed in some ways, but maybe well timed in others.  Let’s see.

For now, Heather gets a little of her own back here.

I’ll be back Friday with more.



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