Least I Can Do

Molly’s solar charge controller (separate of course from the wind charge controller) is based on the (now) open source design of the PWM5, designed by Julian IIlet.  It’s a remarkable little device which he manufactured and sold all on his own for several years, and since opening up the design he has reworked it for the Arduino.  This has led enterprising folks to design shields which allow an Arduino Uno/Uno clone to easily become one of these controllers.

I imagine Molly utilized of some variation of the above designs.  She would prefer to make use of a design an individual pioneered rather than purchasing a prebuilt assembly line product, if only for the fun of putting it together and learning thereby.

With the completion of the solar panel array, her hardware vacation goals are nearly complete.  Let’s see how she manages to finish her software goals, if at all.

See you Friday.


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