So Molly’s going on a trip soon; sounds like fun, although I think she may prefer a more hospitable destination, like downtown Detroit.  I don’t envy her position as an agent of change in a heavily entrenched shop; regardless of who you are or what you’re trying to transition to, that can be an uphill battle.  Let’s see where this goes.  Chuck will also be gone for a time when she returns to work, so let’s see where that goes.

For now, her software project is in a rough place, perhaps due to a certain interruption among other reasons.  She still has just under a week before she needs to return to work, so let’s see where that goes.  Maybe a day or two away from it will serve some good.

Next week is a three comic week, thanks to my Patrons.   We’re getting ever closer to having a second three comic week each month, if you care to help!  Just saying.

Be back Monday.





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3 thoughts on “Clearly

  1. Yes, I just discovered M0llybeans and marathoned it from the beginning – I made this comment before encountering the comic which clearly delineates it as a bad idea. Having only dabbled in Javascript, though (with slightly more experience in Java), I’m still not certain whether even considering the idea is a wise thing to do in the first place…

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