Amy Harris lets Molly know what’s going on, at least superficially, in today’s comic.

I’ll need to run off for now, I’ve got a somewhat full plate.  But I’ll be back Friday as usual!



In today’s comic, Amy finds out just how well suited Molly is for Chuck.

I have to take a moment to point out this guest appearance by Molly, Jeff and a couple others.  I think it’s a good thing that the sergeant didn’t see Molly’s last commit!  In any event, show the Agile Drill Sergeant some love over on his twitter and everyplace else, and thanks for having Molly stop by sir!

Have a great weekend folks, Molly will be back next week as usual. Also, the next Chuck update is fully scripted and laid out, and I should be able to put up another four pages or so next month.  Thanks to the folks who show their love in a material way for making the Chuck spinoff possible.  Those who have pledged to the higher tiers and have appeared in Molly Beans will also be appearing in their appropriate places in Chuck, as a way of further saying thanks.

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In today’s comic, Molly gets off to a somewhat odd start with Amy, who we just learned was Chuck’s sister.  The wall Amy speaks of is this wall.

Speaking of Chuck, last week his own comic got started.

Have a look, starting here.  Let me know what you think of it.  I’ll be updating it each month with as many pages as I can complete, with the goal of eventually offering it up for print if everything goes well.

I’ll be back Friday with the next.



In today’s comic, we learn who this new person is, and in so doing, Molly learns just how little she actually knows about her boy.

Speaking of her boy, he got his own comic!  Yep, a spinoff comic called Call Me Chuck.  It’s a bit different in style and tone; more along the lines of a graphic novel than a serial strip.

Have a look, starting here.  Let me know what you think of it.  I’ll be updating it each month with as many pages as I can complete, with the goal of eventually offering it up for print if everything goes well.


If you enjoy this content and find it interesting, you can always encourage me to make more of it by dropping as little as $1 a month at the Patreon page or elsewhere, if you prefer.

I’ll be back next week with more Molly, and I’ll be hard at work on more Chuck.


Good Question

In today’s comic, Molly asks the question we probably did several panels ago. I can’t say I can make fun of her and Heather for taking so long, since I’ve been known to miss whole swaths of sentences if I happen to be in the middle of a particularly engrossing  Bob Ross session.  It’s just so mesmerizing.

In other news, as promised, I am proud to present to first six pages of the Chuck centric spin off comic, entitled Call Me Chuck.  It’s a bit of a stylistic departure in presentation and tone from Molly’s comic, which I think will allow for a lot of new ideas and situations to expand the setting.  The comic will not only showcase a bit of Chuck’s backstory, but will also retell certain events from Molly’s comic from his point of view.

Have a look, starting here.  Let me know what you think of it.  I’ll be updating it each month with as many pages as I can complete, with the goal of eventually offering it up for print if everything goes well.


Thanks to everyone who supported over at the Patreon page for all of the support which made this possible.  Without it, I probably would have been difficult to justify the additional work and time to produce this additional feature.  You have no conception how much I appreciate it, and I thank you for coming along on this ride.

I’ll be back with more Molly Friday, in which we’ll see who this oddly familiar looking person is.



Today we see that even Greg has his limits. Sure, there was the phone incident and other examples of spontaneous enthusiasm or other quirks that he deals with regularly as a consequence of living in proximity with someone like Ms. Beans.  But apparently this is where he spins on his heel and exits stage left.

And now, In other news:

As I’ve said before, I’ve been hard at work on a Molly Beans spin-off comic starring her boy Chuck Harris, and will be debuting it next week.  Initially I had intended to debut it this coming Monday, but over the last two years I’ve noticed that visits to Molly Beans have been steady mainly on its update days of Wednesday and Friday, so I’ll just hold off on the first pages of Chuck’s feature until the next Molly update.

So, next Wednesday:  New Molly, and Chuck’s comic begins.  Be back then.



Molly and Heather pay homage to the Charles Schulz brick wall conversation in today’s comic.  There’s something about the security of leaning on a brick wall that just brings out the philosophy, or, in this case, borderline psychoanalysis.  I think I need to build one of these armpit high structures and put it to use for the sake of my mental health, even if it is only six feet long.

In today’s brick wall conversation, Heather proves beyond doubt why she is such an invaluable friend.  Sometimes the truth, however inconvenient or irritating, is the only way forward.  Don’t get mad at Heather, Molly.  Blame the wall.

I’ll be back Friday.


The One Comma

In today’s comic we meet another Patreon Cameo – Noah the calm and collected.  I only wish something like this wasn’t actually done by someone who may or may not have written this comic.

Work continues apace on the Chuck Spinoff comic I’ll be launching next month.  Keep watching this space/Facebook/Twitter (for as long as I remain on either of those platforms) for details.

Speaking of the above parenthetical, I’m going to be shifting emphasis away from social media in the not too distant future, and will be setting up more in house old school methods of community.  For one thing, big social has, over the last several years, become decidedly antisocial.  Long gone are the days of organic reach.  Facebook routinely makes it so ADMINS ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE cannot see the latest posts appear on their feeds, and Twitter is no better.  Meanwhile I’m being bombarded by automated DMs suggesting I pay to boost so that people who follow my page will be shown what they have chosen to follow.  No thanksWe see through your lies.   I experimented with boosting and targeted campaigns, and, spoiler alert: It isn’t worth the investment.

In the old days, when I did this comic thing circa 2000-2005,  we had a message board and a chat.  I understand that time marches on, but sometimes nothing beats the basics.  So to that end, I’ll be setting up a discord, message board, and a mailing list, as soon as I can get a spare moment.  I’ll post the details for all of the above as soon as I get my stuff together.

In the meantime, have a great weekend, and don’t let the bastards drag you down.


Asking For A Friend

In today’s comic, Molly and Chuck confer over another session of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Chuck calls our girl out, and Molly must admit that she’s propping up her mildly below par coworker.  Chuck expresses the same concerns Molly did, and our blue girl indicates that any attempts to do anything about it have been soundly rebuffed.

On my end, I’m hard at work on the  Chuck Centric Spin off comic debuting next month.  As I mentioned before, it will be tonally and stylistically distinct from this comic, in that it will focus more on narrative and will be laid out and presented more like a long form graphic novel than a short form serial strip.  It will not supplant or replace Molly’s comic; it will only serve as an adjunct, hopefully expanding the world these characters inhabit.

I’m able to devote this extra time to these projects thanks to the support of people like these over at the patreon campaign.  If you enjoy what you see, and would like more, even a dollar a month tells me that I’m on the right track.

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Who Me

In today’s comic, Heather, Molly and one other discuss Ms. Bean’s insistence on remaining consistent. On one hand, I can agree that a thing is always valued more when it must be earned, but on the other, i’m not entirely sure that this is a case where that would be an issue.

But, Molly is as Molly does. Maybe it comes from her having grown up with so little, where every inch gained came only after deliberate effort. Or maybe she’s just being irrationally stubborn. Or silly.

In any event, thanks for coming by to have a read. If you like what you see, consider having a look at the Patreon or any of the other alternatives. Maybe your support will help our girl get to her Chuck faster.

I’ll be back next week with more. Till, then, dear readers, till then.