The Phone

In today’s comic I wonder the same thing Heather is.


In today’s comic, some trouble is brewing at the coffee shop, almost immediately after Chuck and Amy Harris finish viewing Molly’s talk at Bare Bones.

If you’ve missed Molly’s talk, it’s right here:

I’ll be back with more next week, where we’ll see what effects these events will have for our folks.


The Mark

In today’s comic, we meet a young lady named RadNem, joining us courtesy of Juanpool.

In our world, she happened to be in the audience during Molly’s speech for the opening of the Bare Bones intentional community’s power station, and after hearing the speech (which I’ll include here for anyone who missed it)…

…our girl RadNem’s considerable faculties are kicked into high gear, and she designs a little something on her phone.  We’ll see what comes of that later.

Speaking of later, that’s when I’ll be back with more.  For now, work beckons.



In today’s comic Molly gets ready to talk.  Or does she?

Well, yes, she does.  Her speech will be taking place in the next episode, in a special audio edition of Molly Beans.  If you’re a patron, you’ve actually already heard it.

Back to the day job.  Stay excellent.



Perfect Match

In today’s comic Heather shows how well she knows our girl Molly, and Amy shows how well she knows her bro Chuck.  In so doing, they both are further convinced how perfect a match Beans and Harris are.

I’ll be back next week with more.  Molly has a speech to make, and I’m relatively sure other things will happen.


It’s Time

In today’s comic we set up what may be an important moment in Molly’s life.

It’s a hectic time for Molly’s creator, so that’ll be it for today.  Be back Friday.


The Real You

Molly completes another bittersweet stage in her development, in today’s comic.

Speaking of bittersweet, it is Friday, but I have a lot of work to do before I sleep.  So back to it.



Good wednesday, folks; things are incredibly busy here, and I want to make sure I mention a few things.

First of all, in today’s comic, we get a good look at Molly’s greatest accomplishment and her reaction to it. It’s a huge moment for our girl, and I hope she feels all of the good things she deserves.

Secondly, Dana Atnip from Galactic Dragons has created a Molly Dragon to add to her cast! Look at her! Isn’t she amazing?! Go read that strip. It’s aces, and Dana herself is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

And Troy, AKA Mistah Marvel, AKA the man who brought us Juan Pool, has drawn our blue haired engineer enjoying a cup of joe with a couple of other lovely ladies; SPutzeeD on the Left, and his own Character RadNem in the center.  I love his style.  Go check out his work.

Speaking of work, I’m drowning in it, so back to it I go.