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Interview with the Mattriarchy

Hello folks! The campaign continues to make good progress; we are getting dangerously close to $3000 and 50% funding! Pretty darn exciting. In the meantime, have a look at this interview I and Matt of the Mythoverse team had with The Mattriarchy.

If you haven’t had a look at the campaign yet, be sure to follow me on twitter for regular updates.

The next major chapter in Molly Beans is all planned out. I think I’m going to have a good time with this, and I hope you all will too. I’ll be resuming as soon as I can after the Kickstarter completes!

Have I mentioned the Kickstarter enough times?

If you’re interested in some webcomic content that I at least wrote until then, check out this webcomic based on characters from our new comic universe! It will update every Wednesday. Three comics have already been posted!

Please consider backing the Kickstarter or spreading the word. Lots of exciting stuff to come!


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