Was he really joking?  I’m pretty sure he also wanted Molly to run 12 volts  through her tongue.

I’m actually on the road at the moment, so I can’t stay long.  I’m checking out the DAVE school with the kids,  perhaps in hopes of planting the seeds for future careers.  You may have seen DAVE school graduate’s work if you’ve watched any superhero movies lately.   Hell, I’M excited by what this place offers, and I won’t even be the one attending.

Be back Wednesday.



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2 thoughts on “Joking

  1. FWIW, my take is that Good Guy Greg was joking insofar that alcohol is involved, which can lower inhibitions unnaturally and cause regret and embarrassment later. Regretful flashes are the worst kind of flashes.

    I also dig that Molly’s been super up-front every time Sam has done something forward with her. I’m positive that Greg knows who he’s with, and their conversation between one another has got to be strong with that lack of tension or jealousy that might arise from other relationships. It’s really awesome and an inspiration. 😀

    • Thanks gCrusher, Molly loves them both and wouldn’t want anyone to be hurt, that’s for sure, and Greg does indeed know who he’s with. Neither of them have anything up their sleeves.

      Also, Greg has been trying to help his roommate take things a little less literally, mostly though, he’s been unsuccessful.

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