I’ve been bad about keeping the site updated with more than the latest Molly comics; Q1 2019 and the build up to it has been a severely hectic time. But I do have something I’d like to share for those who haven’t followed me on the twitter. (https://twitter.com/molly_beans) But I have exciting news!

I’m going to be starting a kickstarter campaign, with the goal of launching a brand new shared comic universe, The Mythoverse, which will be published by Wikid Publishing!

The campaign will feature not one, but three individual comics, each in a distinct style and genre.

My book will be set in the world of my novel, Adobe Kroger – Knight Errant, and will be set in the year prior to the events of the novel. I’ll let this video do the talking for me. Just look at line work by Leandro Panganiban. This book is going to sing!

Keep a close watch on my twitter and the official instagram page, over at https://www.instagram.com/mythoversecomics/ for more information on the upcoming campaign and some incredible artwork from our creative teams!

I can’t wait to share all of this with you guys!


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