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I’m with Molly one this one, although my brain busting brew of choice tends to lean toward Crystal Head Vodka, if only because it has without doubt the most visually appealing and collectable packaging of any hard liquor I’ve had the privilege to encounter and imbibe.  I have a shelf of these things staring me down every time I sit down for a snack or a meal, including a few hand sized single serving versions.  It’s a marvelously macabre skull family, and I continue to add to it regularly.

Don’t worry, I only really drain those skulls on special occasions, since the bottle is a great conversation piece for parties.  Yeah, that’s exactly the entire truth.

The next update in Chuck’s comic is about halfway done.  I’m still easing into my groove squeezing the additional comic work between a brand new baby, the day job, contract work, working on the next book in the Adobe Kroger series, and of course, Miss Molly Beans, but I am bound and determined to get an update up each month.  Thanks to the new and old supporters over on Patreon, I’m motivated to do so.

Speaking of the Adobe Kroger series, the first book of which is available on amazon for 3.99 for the eBook,   if you really want to motivate your boy Dan to keep plugging along on all of the above, pick up a copy of the eBook, have a look at it, and leave an honest (good bad ugly) review on amazon and GoodReads.  When I say honest I mean honest; if there’s anything roast worthy, roast the hell out of it.  I want to make the best possible product for anyone who takes the time to explore my work.

Speaking of taking the time to explore my work, thanks for reading today’s Molly Beans!  I’ll be back with more of her Friday.


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