Auto Obsolescence

Molly is back at work, and receives a warm welcome in the elevator from her thoughtful coworker.  I’m happy to announce also that I will be comfortably two weeks ahead of my publish schedule as of the end of this week, which means I’m going to sleep for two weeks and have to do it all over again.

Molly herself  is slowly taking over twitter duties.  For comic related stuff I’ll be trying to shunt it over to that account, so follow it up if you are so inclined.

I’m now going to waste my completed comic lead on a very long nap.  Be back Friday.


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8 thoughts on “Auto Obsolescence

    • Nailed it. You look like you’re not doing anything when it works, and you look incompetent when it doesn’t.

  1. I got asked that question once. “Because do you know how to fix them when they eventually break, or can you afford my consultation fee to call me back in?” was my answer…

  2. Hear that, working VOIP Tech I can relate especially when Joe Average doesn’t get that his Modem and router just don’t mix properly with VOIP and they need to change/update their network topology. -_-; #Irsmarttoo

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