4 thoughts on “Building, Part 1

    • He did shout the phrase once, in the english dubbed anime I can recall watching on VHS. Maybe he crept into my brain without warning.

  1. If 400 lines of code can replace 16 people 35-40h/week, isn’t that good ?
    It would be sad to make a human do repetitive stuff that can be done by a computer.
    Creating jobs out of thin air just for the employment statistics doesn’t make sense in the long term.
    Just look at jobs which don’t exist anymore, e.g. lamplighter, who manually lighted (gas) lamps in the street.
    Would it be better to keep all theses people lighting lamps when it done automatically ?

    All hail our virtual overlords 😉
    And just say no to working free overtime. That’s the only way they’ll understand they have to … employ more people !

    • Creative destruction is good long term, no doubt; horse carriage manufacturers must have been upset when the motorcar took off. Molly is just experiencing the short term discomfort it tends to bring.

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