I Don’t Know

In today’s comic Molly speaks plainly (at least to herself, which is a fine start) and comes to terms with how Kim’s decisions paralleled her mounting disinterest in continuing her formal education.

It was obviously especially painful for Molly to realize that her first true love was not what she appeared to be, but to our girl, Love (with a capital L) is our involuntary response to virtue if we are virtuous ourselves.  If Kim was no longer Molly’s own values made flesh, she had no choice but to move on.

That doesn’t make it any easier, but the alternative is worse.


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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know

    • Been winding this one up for a while; I hope Molly’s strong negative reactions from way back make a little more sense.

  1. She looks more like Molly to look the part of the programmer. Changes who she is to fit her environment. The human chameleon.

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