I Don’t Like Her

Thanks again Real Heather for the Molly Mural.  She, like comic Heather, is a hard working and talented illustrator of many stripes, as well as a plain all around fun and swell person.  I’m lucky to have known her as long as I have.  You can rest assured that any time Comic Heather’s work is depicted in the comic, it will in fact be actual Heather art.  I’ve already made that resolution and it isn’t going anywhere.  As for this particular piece of wall-sized Heather art, we’ll be seeing a lot of it moving forward.

Thus ends the Birthday Storyline proper.  Mainly I wanted to bring Tess back for a bit, and have her work with Heather and Chuck to organize a party to remember.  Hopefully Molly wasn’t hit too hard to remember it, but we’ll see in the next strip how she made out(or, more to the point, didn’t make out).  Yay Booze.

He said, glancing over at his collection of Crystal Head Vodka bottles.

In other news, I’m planning to produce an “Ask Molly Anything” video, in which an improved version of this animated Molly answers reader questions.  If you would like your question read and answered, however, you’ll need to submit it first.  Try me on the facebook page, on the twitter, or on the contact form.  Choose your destiny.

I’ll be back with the next comic on Wednesday, per standard publishing protocol.




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