In today’s comic we see where Molly and Kim differ philosophically, and perhaps it will become a bit clearer as to why Our Blue haired engineer was so at odds with her former roommate and current coworker.

The code in front of me isn’t going to write itself…. YET. So I better stop giving it a motivation to do so. Back to it.


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2 thoughts on “Merit

  1. I’ve read the entirety of our (your?) little blue-haired protagonist’s journey. This is my favorite strip of all time (to-date). Thank you for bringing her into my life.

    • Thank you Josh, for reading and letting me know that you’ve enjoyed it. What I’m trying to do here is fully flesh out and realize the philosophy that shapes our young self made engineer, so I’m excited that you thought well of it! I hope to continue to do so in the coming updates.

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