Molly the 13th

Like Molly, I have had a chance to play the game described above, none other than Friday The 13th, the game.  I managed to get in as Jason on my very first game, which I initially believed to be a good thing; sadly this belief was promptly and soundly thrashed by what could only be described as a masterfully executed counselor team (or maybe I was just that terrible).  I spent most of the time being outmaneuvered and stunned by bats and fireworks, and didn’t manage to kill anybody.

So, I suppose I’m living vicariously through my character here, since I myself didn’t ever manage a cool environmental kill as Jason but I sure as shooting experienced the above birdbath kill as a counselor.   The game is a lot of fun and I recommend giving it a try, especially if you can manage to scrape together a group made up of cool people you already know.  I could see this being a scream (see what I did there) as a Friday night hangout.

In other News, things are a bit rough over in Patreon land; I’ve received a few cancellations based on distaste for the Platform’s recent activities and I find myself in agreement.  I will be setting up an equivalent paypal donation page for anyone who doesn’t care for Patreon as a platform but still want a way to support.  To everyone who has offered support all year, THANK YOU.  Even a $1 pledge for one month was a welcome boost to my rationale for putting time into this project and it pleases me greatly that you found value in the content and wanted to provide value in return.


If you want to help your humble comic creator and our blue haired free thinking engineer but don’t want to set up a recurring donation or a one off tip in a proverbial jar, AND get something cool in return, I have just the thing on its way soon.  I’m extraordinarily excited about this and I think anyone reading this will get a huge kick out of it.  I’m being intentionally and annoyingly vague since it’s not quite ready, but I assure you it will be worth the equivocation.  I’ll be talking more about it in this space regularly.

I’ll be back Friday.


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