Molly’s Second

Hello folks –

Things have been a trifle on the hectic side since Irma stopped by, but normalcy has returned overall; or as much as can be expected. All I can say is, content scheduling made things much easier.

In the meantime, Molly meets up with Jone, a character old readers of things I’ve done may recognize. Currently she skulks around Alexandria Archives,  a fun eldritch horror themed audio drama podcast.  Maybe she’ll appear more often here too, if the comparative empirical rationality of our main character doesn’t banish her into a puff of logic.

In other news, Jeff from Don’t Hit Save has launched a Patreon campaign.  Go have a look and encourage him to do that voodoo that he do more often.

I’ll be back Friday.


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8 thoughts on “Molly’s Second

  1. i recognize that look… how interesting…

    is this gonna be a recurring character or is this an easter egg i don’t recognize?

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