Today we see that even Greg has his limits. Sure, there was the phone incident and other examples of spontaneous enthusiasm or other quirks that he deals with regularly as a consequence of living in proximity with someone like Ms. Beans.  But apparently this is where he spins on his heel and exits stage left.

And now, In other news:

As I’ve said before, I’ve been hard at work on a Molly Beans spin-off comic starring her boy Chuck Harris, and will be debuting it next week.  Initially I had intended to debut it this coming Monday, but over the last two years I’ve noticed that visits to Molly Beans have been steady mainly on its update days of Wednesday and Friday, so I’ll just hold off on the first pages of Chuck’s feature until the next Molly update.

So, next Wednesday:  New Molly, and Chuck’s comic begins.  Be back then.


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