In today’s comic, Amy finds out just how well suited Molly is for Chuck.

I have to take a moment to point out this guest appearance by Molly, Jeff and a couple others.  I think it’s a good thing that the sergeant didn’t see Molly’s last commit!  In any event, show the Agile Drill Sergeant some love over on his twitter and everyplace else, and thanks for having Molly stop by sir!

Have a great weekend folks, Molly will be back next week as usual. Also, the next Chuck update is fully scripted and laid out, and I should be able to put up another four pages or so next month.  Thanks to the folks who show their love in a material way for making the Chuck spinoff possible.  Those who have pledged to the higher tiers and have appeared in Molly Beans will also be appearing in their appropriate places in Chuck, as a way of further saying thanks.

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