So It Begins

Heather begins to understand why so many folks who win the Lottery end up worse off. It’s like Gary Larson’s clown;  you never can tell what your friends really think of you.

Next week is a three comic week starting Monday.  I better get started.  In the meantime here’s the new voicemail video.



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8 thoughts on “So It Begins

      • personally i think it’s not a big deal so long as you are rich enough and your friends don’t start asking for cars or something. if i was a billionaire you wouldn’t really know it looking at me since i would be living in an apartment typical of people in their twenties who have minimum wage jobs and would just use the money i have to buy food and pay bills (and video games, that’s a must). I’m reclusive enough that i rarely go out to socialize and when i do i can seem generous by paying for whatever i do with whatever friends i have. i am pretty sure Heather is not a social recluse, but she can keep her wealth quiet by just living as if nothing happened, no outstanding purchases just paying for food and bills

        • I’m with you. If I were wealthy you wouldn’t know it either. I would spend the majority of my money quietly investing in creative or entrepreneurial people.

  1. Hell… I took Molly’s reply sarcastically! She’s drug herself up in a very similar way to her friend, that pizza comment is a “fuck you” between friends, and ‘so it begins’ is a “fuck you too 🙂 “. Maybe I’m just simple that way.

    • That’s exactly what it is. Two friends yanking each other’s chains. 🙂 Heather has nothing to fear from Molly.

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