The One Comma

In today’s comic we meet another Patreon Cameo – Noah the calm and collected.  I only wish something like this wasn’t actually done by someone who may or may not have written this comic.

Work continues apace on the Chuck Spinoff comic I’ll be launching next month.  Keep watching this space/Facebook/Twitter (for as long as I remain on either of those platforms) for details.

Speaking of the above parenthetical, I’m going to be shifting emphasis away from social media in the not too distant future, and will be setting up more in house old school methods of community.  For one thing, big social has, over the last several years, become decidedly antisocial.  Long gone are the days of organic reach.  Facebook routinely makes it so ADMINS ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE cannot see the latest posts appear on their feeds, and Twitter is no better.  Meanwhile I’m being bombarded by automated DMs suggesting I pay to boost so that people who follow my page will be shown what they have chosen to follow.  No thanksWe see through your lies.   I experimented with boosting and targeted campaigns, and, spoiler alert: It isn’t worth the investment.

In the old days, when I did this comic thing circa 2000-2005,  we had a message board and a chat.  I understand that time marches on, but sometimes nothing beats the basics.  So to that end, I’ll be setting up a discord, message board, and a mailing list, as soon as I can get a spare moment.  I’ll post the details for all of the above as soon as I get my stuff together.

In the meantime, have a great weekend, and don’t let the bastards drag you down.


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