Well Timed

Molly has been spent a lot of time with Chuck and Dr. Elsker over the last year, so she’s gradually becoming slightly more resilient when it comes to failures, however minor or catastrophic.  Something tells me that may be important later, but what do I know about it.

All I do know is I’m finally getting ahead of my publishing schedule again, and by next week I may be comfortably in the lead.  What does this mean?  Well, more time for other things I’ve begun but haven’t had a chance to complete, of course!

Molly is coming back on twitter again, after a little time off; she’ll be slowly taking over anything related to this project, or that’s what I’m trying to convince her to do.  She can explain things better anyway.

Be back Friday.


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2 thoughts on “Well Timed

  1. Such a powerful message! I would rather hear “No” a 100 times from someone else than tell myself 1 time.

    Hearing “No” from them is a comment on their education, understanding, and thought process… from me is a totally different level.

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