Why Me

So she lays it all on the table, and of course:

truth = require(‘./alcohol’);

I remember one time when I got seriously drunk (obviously it wasn’t that bad if I can remember it), I think I had six Guinnesses and two liquid cocaines.   For those of you who don’t know, the latter is a lethally toxic shot comprised of a mix of Goldschlager, Rumple Minze, and Jägermeister, and mind you I just said I had two of these monstrosities, along with all of the aforementioned dark Irish Stouts.

It was for a friend’s 21st birthday party, and all of us were just so damn proud to have “made it” all the way to legal drinking age that we slightly overcompensated.  We all had comparable amounts of the spirits, and we drove home like madmen, swerving all over the highway at 90 miles an hour at 2 in the morning.  We must have all rolled natural 20s on our saving throw vs. death by utter stupidity because I’m obviously still alive enough to type this.

Don’t do that. ^  Get a cab/uber/lyft/DD.  The world needs you alive.  Molly doesn’t have a car, so she’s fine.

I wonder if Molly will ever figure out what she was trying to write in that mangled code block Chuck interrupted.  It’s almost like I’m setting something up, or something.

We’ll see later.  Be back fully sober next Wednesday.



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4 thoughts on “Why Me

  1. ALCOHOL! the cause and solution to all of man’s problems. but mostly the cause of many awkward and embarrassing moments you regret the next day

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