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Here’s comic two of the once monthly three comic week.  In it, we see that Grandpa Gus has a scheme in mind, in a case of a reader figuring out what I planned to do as I was doing it.  Seriously, go back to the previous comic and read the second comment.  I tell you, it’s damn near impossible to guess what I plan to do next around here.

Well, one thing I plan to do next is complete the proof of concept on this new widget I’m going to be offering as a Patreon reward.  I’m really excited to see it finished, and I hope to need to build a pile of them soon.   It’s in the spirit of the already existing LED widgets available as a Patron perk, in that it’s made from cheap recycled junk but serves a useful purpose (hopefully). I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s good to go.

One more comic this week, then it’s back to two comics a week until next month at this time, like clockwork.


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