You Sure

In today’s comic Molly and her dad confab; in this confab, Molly examines her frame of mind regarding work.

The Molly Beans spin off comic, Call Me Chuck, has updated for this month, starting here.  If you need to start from the start, here’s a quick way to get there.  In the latest update, we are (re)introduced to Chuck’s little sister Amy, and are semi introduced to his baby brother, Duke.

Thanks to all of the people who support these comic projects and make them possible.

Here’s another thing to have a look at.  I’ve recorded a couple Let’s Play videos, in preparation for live streaming on the Twitch.  Go ahead and pop a follow on the twitch channel to get notifications when I go live to play games extremely poorly.  Until then, here’s the let’s plays.

There’s also the forum to have a look at.  Stop on by, unwind, and chat!

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