Molly’s world will be expanding!

As Molly explains in today’s additional comic, I will be launching a monthly spin off comic staring the stoic object of Molly’s affections, Chuck Harris.  This comic will be titled, appropriately, My Name is Chuck, and will be providing a bit of a glimpse into his mind and backstory, as well as portraying certain events in Molly Beans from his point of view.

My Name is Chuck will be updating once a month, in place of the extra Molly Beans comic per month I was currently posting.  I think that this will give me a great opportunity to provide a wider variety of content in the world of our blue haired engineer, and I do hope everyone enjoys it.

It will be slightly more narrative in form and laid out more like a traditional comic book page rather than as a strip.  He will also be getting his own theme song!

I can’t wait to get this project underway in earnest.  It will live over at at, and the first update will roll out next month, and on the first Monday of each month thereafter, for now.

As long as we’re talking about Chuck, let’s draw and talk about Chuck in this latest episode of the mini feature, Draw and Talk.


Back to work!


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