The Birthday Shot Molly refers to in today’s comic occurred here, for anyone who was wondering.

Speaking of birthdays, February 11th marks the end of the second year of this comic’s existence.  That’s right, 2 years have passed since this conversation.  Two years and 220 comics since I’ve decided to start drawing a young software engineer stumbling her way through modern life, of course with a little help from slightly more grounded people.  It certainly is a simple thing to say, but it certainly doesn’t seem like it.  It’s been too much fun.

I hope it’s been the same for all of you.  I have a lot planned for the coming years, not the least of which I announced monday.  Yes, Chuck will be getting his own monthly comic.  I can’t wait to get that spun up.

As long as we’re talking about Chuck, let’s draw and talk about Chuck in this latest episode of the mini feature, Draw and Talk.

Here’s the one in which I do the same for Molly, for convenience. The lengths I go to for my readers.


Back to work!


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