Molly asks Kim to explain “her” app. Kim doesn’t like that.

Thus concludes another three comic week. Thanks for reading.

Speaking of reading, I wrote a book which you may enjoy if you’re a reader here. It’s a mere 3.99 for the eBook edition.  I’ll also be offering signed copies of the paperback and hardcover soon!  Check out the trailer!

If you check it out, consider adding it to Goodreads and leaving a review there or on Amazon!

In other news, Patreon has retracted their fee structure change. Many are still displeased with the service given this and other things they did this year, so I don’t have a thing to say about anyone who elects to discontinue using the service. Other than, of course, thank you for supporting me all year.

I’ve put up alternatives to Patreon if you were a previous backer and wish to continue offering support to this project. I will match any perks offered if you do.

Of course, I’d also be perfectly satisfied if all you do is read and share. That’s enough on its own. Either way, Molly Beans will be here.

Speaking of being here, I’ll be back next week.


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