Earn It

In today’s comic, Molly’s flashback continues, and she gets ever closer to putting her finger on what she meant by “The Kims“.

As for me, I’m wrapping up what’s left of my work at my current job, and will be moving on to new one first thing Monday morning.  I don’t anticipate any break in Molly’s schedule as I settle in, but if anything happens, I have a pin up or two I can put up in place of a comic.

I’ll be working on the next Call Me Chuck update over the weekend as well, and will post a few more pages as soon as it’s ready!

Thanks for stopping by as always.  And thanks again to all of my Patrons who make this content possible.

Speaking of content, here’s a review of Alterna Comics‘ The Fear Diaries, an entertaining all ages fantasy adventure about magically animated stuffed animals. I’ll have another review at least once a week, or that’s my goal at present.



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4 thoughts on “Earn It

  1. Welp, I just finished reading through _all_ the comics in the last three days, and now I already can’t wait for the next one.
    Thanks a lot Dan for this magnificent piece of art! I really, really enjoyed the story you crafted so beautifully.

    Just a quick question, if I want to support you, what does earn you more, Patreon or PayPal?

    • Hey Max! Thanks for binging and letting me know you liked it! I’ll be keeping it up as long as I can.

      To your second question, paypal fees render donations under 15 dollars to be better on Patreon, but then there’s the transfer fees.
      To be honest though, the amount of money I get is less important to me than the fact that you enjoy the content enough to be willing to pledge. That alone is energizing enough.

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