Here You Go

Another day, another comic only very much loosely based on reality.  Those cheap voltage boosters Molly mentioned burn out quickly, so if you plan to build one of these homemade stun guns bear that in mind.  To call them ramshackle is an understatement; they really are stupidly easy to make since the voltage booster is essentially the entire device.  To make it functional all you really need is a nine volt battery and a momentary switch splitting one of the leads.  That cheapness doesn’t stop it from being dangerous as hell though.  Just don’t build it.  If you must build it, it’s not a toy.

In case you missed it, here’s a video depicting the contents of Molly’s ignored voicemail box.  Give it a look; you may enjoy it.

Next week is a three comic week starting Monday.  See you then!


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2 thoughts on “Here You Go

  1. Perhaps the front-end team should work with stubs (with exemplar data) for the not-yet-done backend modules on which Molly is working…that way, the work by the front-end devs can be decoupled from this debilitating (for Molly) dependence on Molly. When Molly gets done with a particular module the corresponding stub at the Australian end can be replaced with the actual code, whilst backend modules still in dev can continue to be simulated by the stubs.

    Of course, this approach wouldn’t work if interfaces changed frequently as the work progressed, but that opens up a whole other can of worms…

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