Modern JS stack development, if you’re thorough and utilize all of the automation/productivity tools, can require (pun intended) more time to build your sandbox than it would take to write your app.  Granted, all you really need  is a transpiler and module bundler to make your app production ready, but it’s one holy hell of a rabbit hole once you decide to include hot reloading or hot module replacement, type checking, linting, git hooks, process monitoring, unit testing, Immutability, server-side rendering, and so on.  Simply managing your toolset can become a second full time job if you plan to keep current and build an app that scales.

Molly will need to make the case for this stack to a house of veteran Java developers in future installments of this comic.  Clearly she’ll have no issues whatever and everything will go fine.

In other news, I’ve been mentioning for a while that I’ve been working on some other things.  Here’s one of those things.

In a tribute of sorts to the Brothers Chaps, we get a peak into Molly’s ignored voicemail box. Does anyone actually use theirs?


Addison Peacock slays it as Mema Beans, which for Addison is, frankly, par for the course.  She’s one of those hyper talented types who runs her own podcast and appears on others, and I was glad to have her voice Molly’s grandma.

Greg comes to life courtesy of Bryan, who does a lot of great voice work as well.  I think he nailed the character.  Stacy Thomas gave us a delightful Sam, Derek Bradley gave us Hank from NOC, and some voice-to-text algorithm is in there somewhere too.  As always, Molly plays herself.

More later.




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