Testing Methodology

Today’s comic is at best mildly hyperbolic.  Mental note: Make sure you warn Network operations if you plan to load test in this fashion.  The more you know(tm).

Thanks for all your kind feedback over the last couple of weeks.  I believe I’ve responded to every note; if not, I apologize.  As far as I can tell, no replies bounced back, so I’m in the clear.  I can always blame SMTP.

I really, really recommend The Alexandria Archives for a high quality source of podcastic audio enjoyment.  Southern Eldritch horror themed, it’s a hybrid call in show and short story narration whoop-de-doo with spot on voice acting from a wide range of talented people in the podcasting community.  Add it to your feed and thank me later.

Speaking of later, that’s when I’ll be back.  Wednesday specifically.




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