I Love You

It’s been a busy two weeks, but I’m apparently still vertical, so I suppose that’s something.  I wanted to be sure everyone knew that a fresh episode of  Molly’s Feed is up, featuring the fantastic Galactic Dragons by the talented Dana Atnip.  She had some nice things to say about it, so I’d say that qualifies as a win-win!

Here is said review.

Speaking of win, Josh from RGBros gave Molly his inimitable treatment, and it pleases me to share it with you now.  Because I like it.

In other news, I’ve updated the cast page and rebuilt the archive page properly after the recent incident.  I’m going to further spruce up the archives page by splitting it up into relevant sections and do a few other things to it, as I can.

I put up another special sneak peak for my Patrons as well, if you’re curious and also want to support this project, you’re in for a massive one single dollar a month.  Consider it if you would, as I want to have all the more excuse to devote more time and energy to this stuff.

I will be back Friday, and next week is a three comic week.  Till then, folks, till then!


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