My Work My Way

Meet Damon, our latest Patron Cameo, and the “My Work, My Way” camera.   I somehow get the impression that this setting, encapsulating the giant Molly Mural and this live streaming camera may be a recurring one.  Who knows, I only work here.

Speaking of recurring, it seems that there’s a running theme around a certain webcomic called Don’t Hit Save, in which he has this unfortunate frequent tendency to go viral.  This time, the mainstream media took notice (oh, click the “Fury and Fear” link if you don’t see what i’m talking about).

Anyway, I think Molly spends a lot of time getting zapped and shocked what with all of her hardware disasters and dares, so a little shot like this would probably end up tickling more than anything else.  Chuck seems to be aware of this.

I myself am aware that I am needed elsewhere, so I’ll leave it at this for now.  Back next week.



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