Like Hell

Tess is back!  And so is the site!  What’s that mean?  What about the site?

Reposted from yesterday, to ensure visibility:

Long Story short,  I had to quickly rebuild the site after stupidly truncating the wrong database.  I did it to myself, so if you plan to comment at all, please do so mockingly.  Every part of the site was included in my weekly backup plan, except that which holds it all together, the database.  Of course!  Well, I wouldn’t exactly be consistent with my main character without earning a site destroying award.

All of the comics are back up, but over 400 comments were lost.  I think I’ll consider implementing  the likes of Disqus to alleviate this issue in the future.

Ah well, I’ve been meaning to revisit the archive page (It was getting unwieldy) and the cast page (I lacked entries for the most recent cast additions).  Now that all the main content is back where it needs to be (roughly), I’ll take a quick breather and revisit all the rest a bit later on.

Also, I apologize, but the RSS feed was updating all throughout the recovery process; I had thought I was rebuilding everything behind a non-launched “coming soon” redirect, but the RSS feed updated anyway. Sorry for the spam.


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8 thoughts on “Like Hell

    • Same. I was looking forward to having her back, but it needed to be for the right reason. This seemed appropriate.

  1. I hope Molly turns out to have built something awesome this week, and now Tess gets to rejoin and help her turn it into a business, and it will be like Silicon Valley but with Molly, Chuck & Tess! 😀

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