In today’s comic Molly commits full stop to the power bank project, and begins to realize that perhaps the motivations of Nora from HR regarding the Kim situation aren’t exactly benign.  It can be difficult to slip something past someone who is so literal and logical, and who insists that words mean things.  Fortunately, there are other productive pursuits that can give Ms. Beans a much needed mental bolthole, and so off she goes to Charlie’s intentional community to survey the site of her scaled up wind and solar power bank.

There will be two more comics this week, as this is the once a month three comic week thanks to the much appreciated support of my patrons.

I’ll be back Wednesday with comic #2!


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2 thoughts on “Specific

  1. My current theory is that Kim got hired to try and get some of the more “expensive” employees of the company fired, as part of some higher-up’s misguided idea to cut costs.

    I mean, (depending on country/state) it’s probably easier to fire someone who got sued for sexual harassment/discrimination, than someone who didn’t… Hope I’m just being ridiculous though.

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