I’m Beginning To

In today’s comic, Molly appeals to Human Resources with regard to the Kim Problem. I wonder what it is that our blue haired engineer has begun to understand? Whatever it is, it hasn’t made her happy.

You know what probably will make YOU happy if you enjoy reading Molly Beans? This book I wrote called Adobe Kroger, Knight Errant. It’s just 3.99 for the eBook edition, and there’s also an audiobook on the way. Have a look! Add it to Goodreads and rate/review on Amazon if you do!

I’m hard at work on Book 2 in this new series as we speak.  My current goal is to complete it by late spring, assuming nothing changes.

Next week is a three comic week, thanks to the Patreon supporters;  thanks to everyone who has backed the comic all of last year!  Say, why not consider joining their ranks if you enjoy what you see here?  If Patreon isn’t your thing, I’ve set up alternatives over at mollybeans.com/donate.

I’ll be back Monday with more Molly.


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