Today’s comic is the 200th since this all got started.  Naturally I’d need to introduce something new, so here we are; Molly meets her college roommate for the first time since she left college three years ago.  Ms. Beans didn’t mince words regarding her opinion of the type of person Kim was at the time, and now that the blue haired engineer is experiencing a period of doubt, how will Kim’s presence affect her?  Let’s find out.

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I’ll be back with comic #201 on Friday.


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2 thoughts on “Hooray

  1. You know, it’s funny. I wanted to say you should give the poor girl a break, but then I got to Kim and it threw me back to her original appearance. Back then Molly complained about Kim complete lack of agency, and how she lets the world dictate her life. Now Molly seems to have forgotten that same lesson. I hope she’ll remember it.

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