Molly expresses some mild skepticism in today’s comic.

Speaking of skepticism, Patreon’s proposed change in its policy for processing fees has miffed a lot of creators, including myself.  I have no issue paying a fee for the privilege of access to a centralized, user friendly, trusted brand for supporter donation.  I do not, however want anyone who chooses to support me and my work to be charged a fee for the privilege.

If they go through with this change, between this and their policy decisions earlier this year which involved deplatforming without warning,  my good will for the service is spent.  I’ve set up alternatives on Paypal and services which proxy to it on the donations page.  If you were a Patron and opt to re-up on one of those services, I’ll arrange an additional perk for you along the same lines as the Patreon rewards, and I’ll throw in a signed sketch to boot.  If you’re a new supporter who joins me on Paypal, I’ll match the existing perks, though I may end up revising them a bit to something of equal value.

If a recurring donation isn’t your thing, I did just publish a book!

Why not have a look at it?  it’s a mere 3.99 for the eBook edition.  I’ll also be offering signed copies of the paperback and hardcover soon!  Check out the trailer!

If you check it out, consider adding it to Goodreads and leaving a review there or on Amazon!


Thanks to everyone who has been so good to this project all year.  I’ll be back next week with three comics, one each on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!


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4 thoughts on “Sincere

  1. “Gender and Sexuality Studies” that sounds to me like a major for perverts. and i bet i would be disappointed alongside said perverts.

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